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Welcome to Nimbus Cycles - Custom Frame Builders

Looking for a hand built custom bicycle frame to improve your cycling experience?

Would you like a sweet steering machine capable of taking on the best from the Italian framebuilders?

Time-Trial/Triathlon Are you searching for the ultimate low pro aerodynamic position, with improved power from a steep seat angle, designed to knock seconds per mile from your times?

Female Specific Do you struggle to reach the handlebars, once you have found a bicycle with the correct seat height?

Nimbus in Action :-P

 Medical Problems Do you suffer from back ache or problems with your neck that prevent you getting comfortable on a standard bicycle?

Fixed Wheel  Do you want  a frame building with track style frame ends, so you can run a fixed wheel?

Disc Brakes Would you like disc brakes or a disc brake conversion done to your existing frame?

Something Unique Have you already found your perfect position, after years of cycling, swapping stems, handlebars and seat until you can ride in comfort for many a mile, but desire a bicycle that stands out from the crowd, that is built to fit your body alone, and includes any fittings that the latest offering in the local cycle shop does not?

Your first step towards a solution to your cycling needs is to contact us for a fitting - Itís a straight forward process, and nothing to be nervous about, we are here to help after all. It does take some time though, on average a few hours of your time and ours, and currently we charge £100 for the service, which acts as an initial deposit for your bicycle frame.

Nimbus Cycles are a custom frame builder providing quality hand built cycle frames made to exacting standards using traditional craftsman's methods and the best of modern materials.

Superb handling We have spent years analysing the geometry of the best handling bicycles in the world, and this knowledge is incorporated into the design of every bicycle frame we make.

Custom Fitting with a unique measurement system using a fully adjustable jig. The benefits of this will be a bicycle that is a pleasure to ride, comfortable and safe.

Columbus Tubing. Columbus are known as the market leaders in innovation in cycle tube manufacturer.

Price List is available in PDF format for your convenience

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Contact Us for more information about Nimbus Cycles frames and services. You will find an information request form on the Contact Us page.

Nimbus frames are hand crafted examples of British workmanship manufactured in Blackburn, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom.

Nimbus frames are not disguised imports adorned with ex racerís names, made by cheap labour in China, or Taiwan.

Nimbus frames are renowned for their magical handling, the frame geometry is designed to suit the intended use.

Nimbus frames have dedicated seat angles, which can aid the performance cyclist. Typical TT frame seat angles being around 79 - 81 degrees. A beneficial side product of this can be pressure on the lumbar region is reduced, meaning more comfort, less back ache, and the ability to go faster for longer. Others have been helped to get back in the saddle, when due to their back ache, they had thought their cycling days were over. Want to know more?

See J.C.ís article on Nimbus Magick in Bicycle design


    Interested in Frame Building see Construction Techniques includes advise on  Brazing, Fillet Braze welding and TIG welding, with guiding notes for joining steel, aluminium and titanium tubing or click here to go to download Welding notes in PDF version

Latest from Columbus - New Niobium steel tubing available in Spirit and Life tubesets

Women Specific Frames - see For the Lady.


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